Indiana Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If you are a child who has been accused of shoplifting or trespass or you are an adult who unfortunately discovered that your child has been charged with underage drinking or drug possession. You need to speak with a juvenile defense attorney.  If you or someone you care about is currently facing a juvenile criminal charge, you need to understand the juvenile court systems process. You need the best information available in this time of stress. You need an Indiana juvenile defense attorney. Give the D Turner Legal, LLC a call at 317-721-4783 today.

Who Do We Represent

We represent our juvenile clients in a number of criminal cases. Some of the criminal charges that we represent our clients :

  • Drug charges
  • Assault
  • Breaking & entering
  • Vandalism
  • Fighting
  • Larceny
  • Shoplifting


Juvenile Court is Different

One of the main objectives is to keep the case in juvenile court. Prosecutors are under pressure to charge any drug or violent crimes as adult charges. You need an experienced juvenile court attorney to prevent that, if possible. The primary objective of the juvenile court system is rehabilitation. That is not true in adult court. Some major differences with juvenile court include:

  • Not all juvenile cases are criminal in nature. Some involve children who need supervision.
  • Some offenses can only be committed by juveniles, like underage drinking and truancy. Cases like this may or may not be tried in adult court.
  • Juveniles do not have the same constitutional rights that an adult would have. They are minors, so the court treats them as such.
  • Juvenile cases are almost always assigned a case or social worker.
  • Punishments may include probation, curfew, or a mandate that the juvenile attend training school.
  • Records from juvenile cases are sealed. Unlike adult criminal records, they will not show up on a normal background check.

 Juvenile Court is a Second Chance. Speak with an Indiana Juvenile Lawyer Today.

Staying out of the adult court system may enable a juvenile to have a second chance if he or she has gone wrong. D Turner Legal, LLC is a skilled criminal defense law firm that can advise and help you navigate the juvenile justice system. Give juvenile defense lawyer, D Turner Legal, LLC a call at 317-721-4783 or email today.

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