Whether you have already been arrested, a targeted suspect in a police investigation,facing a criminal warrant, or charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, remember to say NOTHING to the police and call Indianapolis criminal defense attorney D Turner Legal, LLC, immediately. You can trust the years of experience and skills of Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer, Denise Turner to defend your case in court! We can be reached at our office at 317-721-4783 or via email today,

Criminal Defense

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

One of the issues with today’s criminal justice system is that finding yourself on the wrong side of the law can occur very easily. Much easier than you think. There are instances of mistaken identity, blatant police misconduct, or defending yourself during a fight or assault, or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time, you can be charged with a crime and left “holding the bag” in an attempt to defend yourself against the truth. Even though the United States criminal justice system is built on the premise that we are all innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers.  Leaving your freedom up to chance isn’t a chance that you want to take, contact us 24/7/365. Without an aggressive legal defender on your side, your entire future and your freedoms are put at risk.

Why Choose Us as Your Defense Attorney?

As an criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis, IN, we spend all of the time necessary to discover every available defense to our clients, including visiting the alleged scene of the crime, extensively interviewing potential witnesses and using the court’s subpoena power to compel discovery of crucial evidence. As a skilled defense lawyer, we routinely argue for and win reduction in bond motions, which can mean greater pretrial freedom for our clients at a reduced cost.

We represent clients in state and federal courts for all misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, such as:

Benefits of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Every defendant accused of a crime faces seasoned police and prosecutors. Suppose you’ve been charged with an offense. In that case, your Indianapolis criminal defense attorney may be the only individual in the process who is concerned with protecting your interests and knows how to achieve a fair and just outcome. These legal professionals offer an array of benefits to anyone who finds themselves caught up in the criminal justice system.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Protect Your Rights

Police officers are trained to elicit incriminating statements from suspects. Having an attorney sit with you during the interrogation will help you avoid inadvertently assisting the state in building a case against you and ensure that officers behave appropriately.

Your Lawyer Explains the Charges

The American criminal justice system is extremely complex. Often, defendants don’t even understand the charges against them or the potential consequences of a conviction. Your criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis will carefully explain the situation, identify all of your legal options, and evaluate your chances of success before choosing a defense strategy.

Your Lawyer Negotiates a Plea Deal

A large majority of all Indianapolis criminal defense cases are resolved by plea bargain. As a matter of fact, of the 3,637 major felony cases resolved in 2016, 75 percent involved a plea agreement, 15 percent were dismissed, 7 percent ended in a bench trial, and only 3 percent resolved through a jury trial. Still, prosecutors typically refuse to, or they are very reluctant in negotiating with defendants who represent themselves pro se. However, an Indianapolis defense attorney can leverage the threat of an extensive trial and their understanding of the law to negotiate for lesser charges or a reduced sentence. Working with an Indianapolis criminal law firm is generally more than successful helping achieve the most favorable outcome for a defendant in a criminal defense matter.

An Attorney will Argue in Court

If a trial is inevitable, the likelihood of success may largely depend entirely on the skills and resources of your criminal defense attorney in Marion county. To build the most convincing and compelling defense, lawyers conduct their investigations, hire their expert witnesses, and argue the merits of their client’s innocence before the court.

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Our Criminal Defense Strategy

We will never enter into a plea bargain simply to avoid trial. We only will explore and advise to accept plea negotiations only if our clients believe it is in their best interest to enter into the plea bargain. Our duty is to file the necessary pretrial motions, insist on running the preliminary exam and prepare our defense with the anticipation for a future trial. Rest assured, we will never relieve the prosecution of its burden of proving your guilt by being prepared of going forward to trial at any stage of your legal proceedings.

In addition, we provide experienced criminal defense for persons targeted and impacted by police brutality, false arrest and false imprisonment. Curious about an expungement lawyer in Indiana? We can help answer your questions.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Let Us be Your Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, no matter how large of small, the job of an Indianapolis criminal defense attorney is to aggressively fight as a voice to protect each and every one of our clients rights. To never relent. To never surrender. Call our office today at 317-721-4783 or email our office at info@dturnerlegal.com. Don’t delay.

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