Drug dealing is defined as an individual or a group of people who trade or supply organized drugs of any type or quantity, be it in small amounts or large numbers.  The groups can be significantly planned and operate like a well-planned crime business in Indiana.

A drug when administered to a living organism produces some biological consequence from the chemical substance in it. It is alleged to cure, prevent, or establish an ailment or even stimulate well-being to the person to whom it is administered as defined in pharmacology.

Is drug dealing a felony?

Drug dealing in Indiana will lead to grave criminal sentences and charges involve at least one in prison and other more stringent charges. Since drug dealing in Indiana is a felony, fees included result in long term sentences in jail and grave criminal fines. As such, felony drug charges result in harsh criminal penalties.

The charges imposed to a drug-dealing fellow vary depending on the amounts of drugs involved, type of drugs involved, and whether the drugs were being sold or trafficked.

However, drug possession can be treated as a misdemeanour, mainly if it comprises a small number of drugs being owned for private use.

Charges for felony drug dealing in Indiana

Charges for felony drug dealing in Indiana

Among the many drug-dealing charges in Indiana are a few that are popularly implemented:

  1. Possession of a controlled substance. Having some specific amounts of drugs in possession may result in felony charges depending on state and federal laws.
  2. Selling drugs. Felony charges may befall an individual who sells drugs, especially in large amounts. Possessing large quantities of the same medicines may imply to the law enforcers that an individual is dealing with drugs and may face felony charges.
  3. Drug trafficking. This involves conveying of drugs or other illegal substances. The fact of transporting the drugs may itself attract felony charges more so if they are in large quantities.

Consequences of felony drug charges in Indiana

Consequences of felony drug charges in Indiana

For a felony charge to be imposed on a drug dealer, there are several factors that are considered.

First of all, if the drug dealer is a first-time convict or a repeat convict, charges ranges from 1-3 years in prison and attract fines from $500 to any number above that. Repeat offenders get 3-15 years behind bars and other, more stringent criminal penalties.

Secondly, if the offender was caught in possession or selling of drugs, he may be imprisoned for up to 2 years and charged hefty fines of a few thousand dollars.

The felony drug charge for drug possession results when a defendant has possessed a particular illegal substance or drugs in Indiana.

A felony can, however,   be dropped to a misdemeanour charge through an appeal bargain, or a mistake found by the law enforcer who arrested the offender or even by the excellent behaviour of the offender during the probation period.

Indiana drug laws classify large-scale drug dealing as a serious felony that would land an offender in both federal and state crimes. Drug dealing in Indiana to deliver, financing the deliveries of even possessing the drugs illegally attracts hefty fines and longer terms in prison for the offenders.